March 24, 2007

Did I tell you that I am going to Morocco in only 5 days time… Am I a little nervous, hmm just a tad…

Why am I going? Well, 3 weeks off work is always a good move I think… but thats just the half of it… I am traveling by train, hopefully that’ll come off well, but who knows strikes, missed connections could cause disaster!  I am a slightly reticent traveler, I get quite anxious about the prospect of missing Trains… so this will really test me!

I am very keen on going to Morocco, it is a very different society and culture to England… and I hope to learn something from traveling through the country… I originally planned the journey over a year ago but that fell through this time it all go.

I have had to prepare carefully getting the necessary kit together and also booking my  Train tickets… the route is explained in detail on see Morocco Links… i shall be keeping a written journal and have bought a digital camera to record the journey so lets se what happens…


2 Responses to “Morocco…”

  1. ellen Says:

    happy hols. xxx

  2. gayle Says:

    it will be fab! we’ll imagine you running from platform to platform! look forward to hearing about it on your return

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